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Crudo, “raw”; in Italian, is a tribute to the Northern Italian cuisine characterized with exquisite ingredients and served in small plates bursting with flavors.

On Crudo’s menu, you will find traditional dishes with local twists, with the unique fingerprint of Chef Alaa Musa.

Alongside a light cocktail, you can enjoy an evening of drinks and snacks or a full dinner with the right
wine in an atmosphere of your choosing – at the Taboon Bar, the Alcohol Bar, at a table under the sky with the breeze from the harbor street, or in the Private Gallery – our unique space for intimate events.

Private Gallery by Crudo

On the second floor of Crudo, you’ll find a perfect space for small events – with both low and high seating options and a bar overlooking the restaurant’s first floor.

Whether it’s a birthday, a social evening, a bachelorette party or any other event you choose to celebrate, the Private Gallery is suitable for events ranging from 8 to 18 guests. It offers attentive service and a pre-set menu tailored to the nature of the event.

Meet the Chef

Following the tantalizing success of the neighboring restaurant Lux, Chef Alaa Musa and his partner Ahmad Assadi opened Crudo.

Chef Alaa Musa began his career at the age of 15 at the Uri Buri restaurant in Acre, worked in leading chef restaurants such as Carmela Banachala in Tel Aviv, and Michelin-starred restaurants in Sweden.

Now he once again conquers Haifa’s Port street with Crudo.

This comes after establishing Lux as the best restaurant in Haifa and the success of Kanafeh De-Lux, a boutique coffee house for modern Arabic desserts. Musa, one of the leading chefs of contemporary Arab cuisine in the country, succeeds in creating, once again a new and diverse hospitality and entertainment experience.

Crudo Chef Ala'a Musa

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